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Alexandra Jantscher-Karlhuber


Alan Melby has taught translation for many years at Brigham Young University. After working on a machine translation project for ten years, he studied human translation and became a certified French-to-English translator.

Alexandra Jantscher-Karlhuber has almost 20 years of teaching experience in conference interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous). She taught at the Austrian universities of Graz and Vienna and was instrumental in developing the mentoring program of UNIVERSITAS Austria, the Austrian interpreters and translators’ association. Her working languages are German (A), English (B) and French (C). She has been the President for the Austrian Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association. In 2017 she had been elected as FIT Council member.

Daniel Gile’s Effort Models: helping students/newcomers to improve/maintain their interpreting quality by means of careful analysis.

QUADA: the Austrian approach to professionalise lay interpreters to work in languages needed in asylum proceedings.

GESDO: Six-semester sign language interpreter training in Linz/Austria. Description of the curriculum and how to start a successful program.