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Amalie Foss


Amalie Foss has worked in subtitling since 1989, for subtitling companies as well as national broadcasters. She currently works for a government-owned subscription television station of Denmark named TV2 and a Swedish subtitling company named Svensk Medietext. She devised and co-arranged the first Nordic Media Translators’ Conference held in Stockholm in September 2013.

Knowledge-based subtitling: the Nordic quality standards model and its journey across Europe

This presentation aims to give a brief description of the Nordic subtitling tradition and its informal role in teaching language, own as well as foreign. It also aims to take you through the outstanding Norwegian efforts to solidify tradition into a set of standards adopted by all stakeholders within Norwegian subtitling. We then – like the quality standards – move on to Denmark, where the quality standards project is being finalised at the time of writing, and from there trace the on-going and budding efforts in several other European countries, all inspired by the Norwegian project.