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Aurie M. Escobar Ramsey

Aurie Massiel Escobar Ramsey is a graduate of the University of York in Toronto, Canada in 2006, with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Global and Italian Policy Studies. Subsequently, she obtained her BA in Law and Political Science from ULACIT in Panama in 2012. Additionally, Aurie is an authorized public translator, in the Republic of Panama to translate in any language combination for Italian, Spanish and English. She is specialized in local and international mercantile issues, as well as civil, migratory and labor processes in the Republic of Panama.

General Concepts: A Guide for the Translator

Verbal agreements vs. written, framework contracts, goods, services, leasing, consulting, licensing, service level agreements, purchase orders, etc will be explained. The speaker will talk about the relevant terminology for the translator, both in his role as a translator, and also as a party or subject of a contract.