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Carmen Rosa Calero Moscol


Carmen Rosa Calero Moscol is a Magister in Teaching and University Research, a PhD student in Education and a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in foreign language teaching. She holds the international certification of the University of Michigan in the United States, a diploma in Qualitative Research and as a Language Education Instructor. Speaker in Scientific Research Conferences, Coordinator of the Research Area of the School of Education and Languages of the César Vallejo University. Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in English and Methodology in teaching Spanish at different universities in Lima, Peru. She is a member of the Ibero-American Academy of Doctors in Education as an external teacher.

Carmen Rosa Calero Moscol has a Master’s Degree in Teaching and University Research, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with specialization in foreign language teaching.  She holds a diploma for Qualitative Research and Language Education Instructor. She has an undergraduate and postgraduate degree for teaching in English and Methodology for teaching Spanish. She is a member of the Ibero-American Academy of Doctors in Education as a professor. 

Translation and Interpretation: pedagogical approach for the training of Translators and Interpreters from a social and scientific perspective 

In recent years, given the growing number of students opting for the translation and interpretation career and considering the globalized world in which we live, it is necessary to know a new pedagogical approach that will allow a deeper humanistic awareness in the soon-to-be translator. This approach called “Service-Learning” is a pedagogy that combines the academic curriculum with community service, frequently in the youth. As a pedagogical methodology, it is based on a variety of theoretical sources.

The objective of this presentation is to raise awareness of the importance of taking on a new challenge within the career of translation and interpretation in order to create future professionals with a humanist, social and scientific perspective.