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Genevieve Talavera


Genevieve Talavera is the General Manager and Interpreter at Access Interpreters, a company she founded over 25 years ago, following the steps of her late father, Angel Talavera, pioneer interpreter.

Genevieve has interpreted in historical projects such as the transfer and expansion of the Panama Canal, Free Trade Agreement negotiations and the Summit of the Americas.  She has an Engineering degree from Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua, post graduate courses from Nova University and Texaco University, and has participated in various workshops offered by ATA, and APTI.

Technology for successful cross-generational translation companies

generational companies are family businesses in which two or more generations have worked. These companies comprise of three elements: the older generation, the younger generation and the company itself (its personnel, equipment and systems). There are studies that indicate that the probability that family businesses survive after each succession drops to only 10%. We will review strategies for cross-generational translation companies and we will identify applicable technology for each strategy. This approach can also be implemented in companies with older and younger partners.