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Giovanna Lester


Member of several professional organizations of translators and interpreters. She is currently the general secretary and mentor of Abrates.

Giovanna Lester has been a translator and interpreter since 1980. Gio is a member of several T&I professional organizations, and holds various volunteer positions such as: General Secretary and Mentor at Abrates, Spokesperson for the ATA, co-founder and former president of the ATA Florida Chapter (ATIF), among others. She is the chair of the Miami Dade College Translation and Interpretation Advisory Committee, and Program Director at International Culture Institute of the Bahamas in Nassau.

We Are Not Alone – The role of Associations in our professional past, present and future

This presentation is an overview of the impact of professional associations in the current state of the profession, their impact on the changes that are forthcoming from the point of view of the industry side of the equation (application and hardware developers, RSI platform developers, AI impact, etc.) and the professional side of the equation (support, professional development, standards) and what the future may hold for us all.