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José R. Burgos

José R. Burgos has worked in the translation industry since 2003. He has also been a court and conference interpreter for many years. Since the past ten years, he has worked as a Project Manager for Innerlingua Translation Services where he found his true passion managing projects in all language pairs. He is a regular attendee to many localization and translation conferences around the world and he is an active participant in translation forums.

Machine Translation, how do we blend in?

This presentation briefly explains the introduction in the transition of the standard translation model to the artificial intelligence model of machine translation with the total involvement and evolution of the human interaction. An introduction to the potential new pricing model will be provided. The challenge of using MT from the client to LSP’s to the translator (linguist) perspectives. Briefly exploring the different MT engines and how they are chosen for different projects. What to do and not to do when working with MT post-edition?  Explaining the use of API’s and translation external apps to maximize productivity.