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Myrurgia Hernández

Myrurgia Hernandez is a Doctorate Candidate at Universidad de Baja California, Mexico. She was approved as a Lecturer by the Board of the University of The Bahamas (UB) on December of 1999. Myrurgia has designed a strategy in conjunction with Law Enforcement Agencies, to Fight Crime in The Bahamas through the use of language facilities.

Reducing crime in the Caribbean using foreign language facilities

Over the past few years, the number of persons found conducting illegal activities within The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; inland and at sea, has increased. Further, there have been inquiries for foreign language assistance, only to confirm that there is a need of globalizing our services to train our Law enforcement Agents to communicate effectively with non-English speaking individuals.  The Detention Center, RBDF, RBPF, The Department of Immigration HQ, MOFA, and most Government Offices have requested our assistance since 2005.